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Relieving Loneliness In Seniors

As adults age, it is more common than not for them to live alone for a period of time. Isolation is a serious issue among the elderly. The team of senior caregivers at BeeHive Home Care of Texas is here with a few practical ways toward relieving loneliness in the seniors in your life.

According to the Administration on Aging, over 14 million older adults live alone in the U.S. Unfortunately, loneliness and isolation are serious issues that can impact the health and wellness of the elderly. Both loneliness and isolation are linked to decreased physical and mental health, putting seniors at a higher risk of depression. Understanding how to relieve these issues is crucial.

There are many warning signs of loneliness: change in appetite, more time alone, increased internet use, spikes in shopping habits, and substance misuse. Some or all of these symptoms can be seen in aging adults who live alone, who are experiencing significant life changes such as the loss of a spouse, or who suffer from mental health challenges. But how can these be alleviated?

The first step is to prevent loneliness before it starts by incorporating a daily routine into the life of your elderly loved one. Small daily tasks can keep them engaged and active. Speaking of activity, physical activity is crucial. Physical activity can also help seniors feel more independent and motivated. A healthy diet also plays an important role. Good nutrition improves physical health, regulates emotions, and positively influences one’s overall well-being.

Additional to taking care of their health, other small things play an important role in the happiness of aging adults. These include: Practicing gratitude and positivity, getting social, visiting with friends or family, and adopting a pet. Finding a way to give to others is also helpful, whether that’s volunteering, crocheting items for shelters, or writing a family history to give to children and grandchildren. These are all great ways to incorporate positivity into the life of the elderly that directly impact their feelings of fulfillment.

There are many small but necessary steps to take when an aging adult is experiencing loneliness. This is common for many but can be resolved with the right routine. At BeeHive Home Care of Texas, our caregivers offer companionship and implement practical ways for seniors to remain busy and engaged. Reach out to us any time for more information on our in-home assisted living and senior care services.

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